OA collaborative office system started

On March 11, 2020, the Fujian Youtong Industrial Co., Ltd. OA collaborative office system project launch conference was held. With the start of the project and the formal operation of the follow-up system, Youtong Industrial will gradually realize office modernization, automation, paperlessness, and more efficiency. Convenient to handle daily work affairs, reduce operating costs, standardize corporate management, ensure information security, and effectively push the level of corporate management to a new level!

Youtong buy health care insurance for employees

On February 12, 2020, Youtong Industrial joined hands with Taikang Insurance Fuzhou Branch to insure health care insurance for all employees. This time, each employee has a 200,000 insurance coverage and a cumulative insurance coverage of 52 million yuan.

Epidemic prevention and control

Since the outbreak of the new pneumonia epidemic in January 2020, it has swept the country and the situation is grim. Since the resumption of work on February 10, Fujian Youtong Industrial Co., Ltd. has actively adopted a series of strong prevention and control measures to respond to the current pneumonia epidemic situation, and to ensure the physical and mental health of employees and the smooth implementation of work resumed!