TWI grass-roots cadre management special training summary meeting

At the beginning of May this year, the company sent Manager Li Yuyu to participate in the workshop management training organized by Jianfeng Enterprise Management Training Organization. After the manager Li Liyu returned from this training, he feedbacked the overall training course effect and has combined the learning results of this time with the company's current Some management models complement each other and apply it to her management work. At the end of this month, the company will once again send 4 workshop-level managers to participate in management training.

Mid-Autumn Festival with Love in Mid-Autumn Festival-Youtong Industry Mid-Autumn Festival Dinner 2019

Welcome to the Mid-Autumn Festival and celebrate the achievement in advance. Youtong Industrial will host the 2019 Mid-Autumn Festival dinner on September 6, 2019 and September 7, 2019, to reward staff and praise the achievements!

"New Youtong New Journey Creates the Future" -The new factory of Youtong Industry is put into use

After nearly half a year's planning and preparation, on June 10, 2019, the new factory building of Fujian Youtong Industrial Co., Ltd., located in M9511 Industrial Park, Fuzhou, Mawei, was officially put into use; the new factory building has new weather, hardware and equipment upgrades, and the visual image is upgraded in all directions ; New Youtong, a comprehensive upgrade of software and hardware, welcomes every fellow Youtong colleagues and guests from all over the world vigorously!